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Webform enables founders to invest in each other by pooling their future exits, today.
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Pool the value of your illiquid equity and cashlessly invest in founders you trust

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Commit a percentage of your future exits
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Choose which founders to pool it with
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Proceeds are shared with the pool and Webform every time someone exits

Pools form an exclusive network of visionary founders and VCs

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Quality drives Quality

With Webform, founders diversify upside, strengthen their companies through collaboration and compound their exits by reinvesting them into pooling companies.
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Make Millions by Investing Early

The largest returns come from investing at the earliest stages of a startup’s journey. With Webform, you can pool socially by joining other founders!
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For Founders

Cashless invest in founders you trust, diversify upside and collaborate to increase your odds of success.
Form a pool
Cashless invest in founders you trust
downside & upside
Collaborate to increase your odds of success
Enhance your platform by offering a portfolio pool value-add
Win allocations in new deals by giving founders exposure to your portcos
Financially align your portfolio companies

For VCs

Win deals and differentiate your checks. Creating a portfolio pool incentivizes collaboration and attracts the best founders by giving them exposure to your portfolio.
Pool your Portfolio